Relationship Reflection

 Relationships and partnerships are important because without them personal growth, feeling of belonging and support would be absent from my life.  My parents are the reason that I am successful today.  Their constant positivity, attention, interests in my life, advice, and unconditional love was interwoven into everything that I did as a child and as an adult.  They encouraged me to do different things like music, dance, and drama and were my number one cheerleaders through every play, recital and dance performance I participated in.  They boosted my confidence when I sometimes did not believe in myself.

My husband Barry is one of my greatest partnerships. We met as kids in college in 1993, and have been best friends ever since.  He is a very motivational person who gives an immense love.  Barry has carried me through my most challenging times of my life and always encourages me to move forward and achieve my goals.  He motivated me to go back to school and obtain my Masters at Walden University.  He is a warm caring man and father who will go to bat for the people he loves the most.  We learn from each other because we use our collective experiences to help each other avoid making mistakes that any one of us made in the past. And use the positive experiences we have lived into trying to replicate them for further growth and collaborative success.

My son Kai is a person who in my life teaches me not to take life so seriously and take time to enjoy the simple things that make life worth living.  He is a very laid back young man but has been my rock in terms of helping me with my youngest son, Phoenix who needs to get dropped off and picked up every day from school.  Because I am an educator, my time does not allow me to be able to take Phoenix to school and so Kai has stepped up to help the family.  He is someone I can trust and depend on when it comes to his little brother Phoenix. Besides that, we are steadily sharing music new and old, our connections stay strong through constant communication and sharing of experiences.

Maintaining any relationship takes a lot of hard work, listening, collaborating, compromising and positivity.  However, the biggest key to maintaining healthy relationships of any kind in straightforward communication.  Communication has to be honest but tactful at the same time and above all communication in a relationship or partnership has to be continuous and respectful.  All members of the partnership must be able to feel heard and acknowledged and all parties must feel that they are part of a team that will protect, elevate, and helps one another grow in a positive manner.

Some special characteristics that all of these relationships possess is a common respect, positive collaboration and open communication that is constant and sincere.  It is these attributes that keep the partnerships in a direction of growth, understanding and a mutual affinity for one another.

I believe that all of these attributes mentioned above help me be a better early childhood teacher and partner to the families in which I work with every day.  I meet each of my families every day with positive communication so that they are comfortable sharing issues that concern them and so that I may connect with them on ways they can improve or maintain positive growth with their families.  As I professional and educator, it is important for families to feel comfortable with wanting to collaborate in the classroom and at home to contribute to the growth and positive collaboration with their child.