My Supports

Having different types of supports in life is integral to achieving personal success.  Without a supportive network of people in place my life would not be what it is today.  I have mental and emotional supporters, my mother, grandmother and friends are always there when I need them.  When I am emotionally stressed, overwhelmed or in need of advice they are always willing to help and support me.  In addition to my emotional and mental support, I have a teaching assistant that helps me plan, teach and execute activities, projects and educational goals for the children in our class. I have a remarkable 18-year-old son who helps me with chores around the house and occasionally babysits my younger 6-year-old son.  I also have a teaching coach who checks in three times a week to help me develop my teaching practices as well as my teaching goals.  The elementary school that my younger son attends also helps me with after-school child care by running a program from 3-5pm.  This gives me enough time to be able to leave work and travel back home to pick up my son.   Lastly, my mom and dad help me when with anything else I may need.  Thanks to these different and integral supports in my life, I benefit and am able to go to school, work, teach effectively and provide a warm, comfortable environment for my children.

Without these supports, life would not be the way I can live and manage it now.  Without the afterschool care program, I would not be able to work because I would not have anyone that would be able to pick up my son.  My younger son is finished with school at 2:55 pm but I do not leave work until 4 p.m. Without with my mother, I would not be able to function, she takes my son to school, helps me with household activities and personal advice.  I would imagine that without all of these people that I have previously mentioned my life would be less manageable and the success that I am currently striving for would be non-existent.

Imagining a hypothetical challenge in my life, I thought, what if I were to have an unfortunate fire which burned down my home, what would I need and what would I want? First, I would probably need to have temporary shelter until I could rebuild my home.  My mom would be the first support that would be able to offer her home to us instead of having to live in a temporary shelter.  In addition to shelter, I would probably need to find extra help and financial support to rebuild. My home insurance provider would be able to provide the support with the rebuild of my home and with the financial needs, I may have.  My friends and other family members would provide moral and emotional support in this difficult time of need.  At my job, the company that I work for would be able to provide me time off so that I may attend to everything that needs to be done in order to get on my feet and they would also be able to provide me with a hardship withdraw of my 401k I needed additional financial support.  My sons’ schools would be able to provide them with additional counseling in order for them to be able to deal with these stressful and traumatic events.  Without these systems and supports in place, I would probably end up in a shelter or even homeless.  In addition, without any emotional support from my friends and family, I would probably be in such a stressful state that I could develop depression or anxiety; all of which could worsen my misfortune.

All in all, having support systems in place is integral to achieving a happy, productive life.  Without them, life would be hard to manage and stressful.  Luckily, many of us have family, friends, and colleagues that help us more than we even realize.  I suggest that everyone take time to really assess, how much of their happiness depends on the support of others and how much they themselves impact the lives of those around them. It is important that we constantly thank and consider how we can continue to help one another, a community is key to a happy and productive life.