Observing Communication

Upon observing communication between a young child and their babysitter in an indoor child entertainment facility, I realized that the babysitter was loving to the child through her display of non-verbal communication with the child. The Babysitter did hug and show social-emotional support to the child but did not talk to the child much or explain games to the child when the child felt frustrated. Most of the time the babysitter talk at the child giving the child no opportunity for input or conversation.

To make communication more effective the babysitter should have bent down and lowered herself to the eye level of the child. In addition, she should have asked the child questions and explained to the child the way that the games worked so that the child could confidently partake in the games. Furthermore, the babysitter could have played and interacted with the child instead of playing on her phone.

Because of lack of interaction and explanation on the part of the babysitter, the child was visibly frustrated and began to disengage from all interaction with her and the activities at the indoor facility.

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