Who am I as a Communicator?

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Reflecting on the communication assessments this week, I was surprised how much little anxiety a feel and convey when I am communicating with others. I never thought that situational contexts makes me somewhat concerned but not enough to impede in my communication with others. Another insight that I have gained from the perspectives of my colleagues and friends is that I sometimes can be too empathetic when listening to others which can be a disadvantage because I can be too trusting of others. However, I am now more cognizant of how I verbally communicate with others, friends, students, and colleagues. I am fully aware of communication essentials that should be present when effectively communicating on a social and professional level.

More importantly, I have learned that I am a people-orientated listener with low communication anxiety and no verbal aggressiveness. I agree with verbal aggressiveness evaluation because sometimes I feel that I should be a bit more aggressive when conveying my viewpoints to others and not “back down rather than engage in a persuasive conversation” Rubin, Palmgreen, & Sypher (2009). This can especially impact my leadership as a head teacher my Head Start school since I tend to work with different teaching staff who often times represent a myriad of teaching levels and personalities. Becoming more assertive with professional requirements, strategies, and policies should be something I concentrate in improving.


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