Giving Gratitude and Thanks to my Fellow Early Childhood Colleagues

I would like to state that communication is the most important mode of interaction that human beings possess with one another. It can solve wars, diffuse conflict, and convey love for humanity. However, as early childhood educators it is our duty to model the best possible communication strategies that we can to promote nonviolent communication in our schools, students, communities, and families. In addition, as professionals we must continue to reflect and grow as communicators and accept that this part of interaction with others is always on ongoing opportunity for growth.

I thank my colleagues for sharing their experiences, strategies, perspectives, and insights into the subject of communication. I have learned more in communication within this class than I have learned in my entire life as a life-long learner and early childhood professional. My hope is that we as educators internalize and utilized what we have learned from this course and from each other and pay it forward in order to spread the knowledge and skills we have learned.

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