Team Building and Collaboration

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Team building and Development

Think about which aspects of the groups made for the hardest good-bye. Are high-performing groups hardest to leave? Groups with the clearest established norms? Which of the groups that you participated in was hardest to leave? Why? What sorts of closing rituals have you experienced or wish you had experienced? How do you imagine that you will adjourn from the group of colleagues you have formed while working on your master’s degree in this program? Why is adjourning an essential stage of teamwork?

Related imageTeam building might seems like a daunting task, sometimes it is fun, sometimes it can be awkward, and sometimes the chemistry between individuals in a group can be difficult. Whatever the situation may be, team building takes effort, willingness, compromise, problem-solving, collaboration, mutual trust, and respect in order for a team to come together and be successful.

Related imageThe hardest group to leave in my personal experience was my head start teaching-coaching team. I believe that because our norming stage was so powerful and closely knit that after we adjourned it was very hard to say goodbye. During the norming stage of our team building we developed a great report with one another and we always communicated is a positive and constructive manner when things were not going quite as we planned. In the norming stage, we have developed strong processes, procedures, and guidelines for the group that helped us work productively, share experiences and information, and most importantly solve any conflict or issues that arose. In addition, because we were working so well together, team members trusted each other enough to feel secure enough to share footage of them teaching best practices and teaching strategies learned together during coaching sessions. The norming stage set the environment for allowing every teacher to feel safe enough to share their teaching struggles as well which in turn aided many of my colleagues and I to develop stronger teaching skills, methods, and practices. Hence our performing stage was very efficient and successful.

Although the coaching teaching staff adjourned temporarily for summer vacation, the leader of the group was ensured that we had a proper closing ritual before summer break. The coaching team celebrated by creating a potluck lunch and giving out gifts to the coaching team members for all of their efforts. We also share lessons learned and the take aways that we learned from coaching tips and strategies of teachers in the group.

Related imageI hope and imagine that adjourning with colleagues in my master’s degree program would be similar in spirit. Although we cannot physically convene and see each other, I believe the same positive sentiments and messages will be conveyed.  I have learned so much from the comments, thinking, experiences, and perspectives of my colleagues that I will be sad that this part of my master’s journey will soon come to an end.

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