Competent Communicator

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The foundation of all interactions between people is communication. Whether verbal or non-verbal communication connects us to others and to information. On person who I consider a great communicator is the family counselor at my Head Start school, Ms. Aitza. Ms. Aitza is able to show great respect, empathy, resourcefulness, warmth, caring and problem-solving for all the families that she serves. When is helping families, she exhibits a great deal of cognitive complexity and is often aware of how to move within many cultural realms. In addition, Ms. Aitza builds a report with the families which makes it easier and more effective to supply them with resources they need or address concerns they have about their child. The relational context she creates often times influences the way a parent collaborates with her and shares information with her. Moreover, Ms. Aitza has mediated many difficult issues through a wide array of situational contexts which proves how flexible and successful she can be about maneuvering through different types of social environments. Lastly, Ms. Aitza’s empathy and ability to listen makes her so valuable, proactive, and resourceful in anticipating and supporting the needs of the parents in my school.

I would love to be able to be as prolific a communicator as Ms. Aitza. She can enter any conversation or problematic situation and diffuse an escalating situation. She has the ability to slow down a conflict and have the parents regroup to be able to see things from different perspectives. I would like to be able to be that versatile when communicating with others.

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