Last thoughts on Child Development….

This ted talk by Rita Pierson encompasses my approach, my belief and my conviction about teaching.  It reminds me and makes me reflect as to why I am an educator and why I chose to teach. I believe that my ordeal as a child growing up in a poor neighborhood sparked hope that one day I may be the person that helps another child overcome the same adversities I overcame.
It takes a village to raise a child and my village consisted of my parents, teachers, community centers mentors, and friends.  I believe that we as educators should enhance the lives of our students by creating a safe, positive and engaging community with strong ties to their own families.  When we do this, children become happier, feel safer and begin to explore what interests them.  It is then that they learn, engage and feel confident as learners.
Professional Thanks:
Thank you to the colleagues who have shared their unique perspectives, personal experiences, and early childhood interests.  I especially give thanks to Antonietta, Anthony, and Leslie for sharing their research interests and engaging interpretations of early childhood topics.  Many times your blogs gave me direction as to how to approach research and interests. I look forward to continuing to learn and share with you.

3 thoughts on “Last thoughts on Child Development….

  1. No I would have to thank you for your inspirational quotes and informative discussions. Really gave me a different outlook on different perspectives. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and supporting me 😁


  2. Ms. Lily,

    Your insights and resources have been extremely helpful for me this year. I look forward to new posts and insights from your blog.


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  3. This is in response to your Childhood Connections to Play blog. There wasn’t a heart next to the entry for me to leave my comment. I agree with you on how play is different now with the consumption of technology. I stated the same thing in my blog. I remember having so much fun playing with the Simon game too. That game would be too much work for kids now to play. Of course, the advancement of technology is wonderful, but it took the fun out of play and learning for this generation.


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