Vegetable Watercolor

Our class explored vegetable watercolor using natural vegetables like beets, onion, and cabbage.  

We began by talking about each vegetable.  They shared their prior knowledge on what the name of each vegetable was called and if they had seen it in the market, at home or anywhere else.  We then examined the physical characteristics of each vegetable using our five senses.  Once our observations were over, we began working on making our watercolor paint.  We began by boiling and creating a broth of beautiful colors; the students were excited and interested in the cause and effects of water turning from clear water to color water.  They were also interested in how it looked on paper and cloth.  We then started creating art by using black crayons as a resist and contrasting color for their pictures. We finally painted them using the watercolor we created.  Once we were finished, I transferred their work to a bulletin board with their dictations and thoughts about their artwork. They took home a concentrated beet powder to mix with water and extra cardstock paper to create art at home. They love it!  If you are thinking about how to use natural paints and inspiration in art this is a cool lesson to teach.

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